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Janet Celeste Zero Waste Top Sewing Pattern

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Hate wasting fabric? Me too.

The Janet Celeste Zero Waste Top is a sewing pattern designed to utilize an entire piece of fabric with no waste!

This sewing pattern includes a neckline template, but no other pattern pieces to cut out.

There are two views to choose from; a basic pull-on style with wide sleeves, or a button-band version with gathered sleeves.

It is size inclusive - the diagram includes formulas that allow you to create a garment custom for any measurements and determine exactly how much fabric you will need.

For this design, I suggest using a light - medium weight woven fabric with a soft drape. (For my sample, I used textured yarn dyed cotton). 

I want this pattern to be accessible to everyone, so it is choose what you pay (starting at a minimum of $5). Decide whatever price you think is fair! Any support you are able to provide is much appreciated as it will allow me to create more sewing patterns in the future.

You will get a PDF (588KB) file